Rail Safety Consulting

RailRisk™ Incident Reporting System



Rail Safety Consulting has developed a database toolset, named the RailRisk™ Incident Reporting System, also referred to as RailRisk to provide all railroads with the opportunity to collect and keep track of errors and malfunctions during operations. The submission of incidents and operating hours can be done directly over the official RailRisk™ website (www.railrisk.com) after an initial set-up has been successfully completed.


This way, it provides an easy solution to meet the requirements of Paragraph (e) of 49 CFR §236.1023 of the Federal Railway Administration (FRA), by collecting information related to safety critical defects, failures or incidents for a single railroad. Further, it allows a way to aggregate data across multiple users of a similar PTC system to identify beneficial trends from small numbers of occurrences.


This functionality has been realized via a Failure Recording and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) methodology, as you can see on the right, to provide an industry-standard, formalized, and repeatable approach.


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FRACAS process

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